Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, but if you have questions that aren’t answered here please give us or your dealer a call:

Q: How do I find my closest Dealer?
A: You can use the postcode map on this website to find the dealer closest to you or you can phone StairSteady and let us find it for you 0845 652 88 04
Q: How can I try the StairSteady before I buy?
A: You can look at the symbols shown on the postcode map and see which dealer has a Demonstration Unit. Please be aware though that they may not be able to install for you if they are too far away from your home address. They will be happy to discuss this with you.
Q: Does it matter if the walls are only stud walls?
A: No as long as the wall has wooden supports. If you are unsure your local Dealer will come and do a survey for you, this may incur a cost.
Q: Can more than one person use the StairSteady?
A: Yes, It is possible to have 2 handles and different end sections so that once one person has climbed the stairs the other person can follow.
Q: What happens if I have more than one set of stairs or if I have a landing in the middle?
A: For a split set of stairs then we can use a Dogleg unit which is supplied in 2 parts, one for each flight. Please talk to your Dealer and they will help you find the best solution for you.
Q: Does the StairSteady have to replace my existing handrail?
A: Usually it will replace your rail so we can position the StairSteady at the best height for you. If you wish to keep your handrail you can discuss this with your Dealer but you will need a survey to make sure that we can position your StairSteady at the safest and most effective position for you.
Q: Can I install it myself or pay a handyman to do it?
A: No, the StairSteady must be installed by a trained fitter to make sure it is safe for you to use.
Q: Will it block my stairs?
A: No it folds away at both the top and bottom of your stairs.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Please contact your local Dealer and they will give you a quote for the StairSteady and having it fitted.
Q: How long does it take to fit?
A: About 2 hours in normal circumstances, if you have different stairs or specific needs it may be a little longer.
Q: How much weight does it hold?
A: It is tested up to 25 stone but it is possible for it to work with heavier than this. If you are heavier than this please let us know as we may need to do a special structural survey on your house which will cost more and use different fixings when it is fitted.